Undesirable Number One Stop

My life seems to have reached a crossroads. I just graduated. I know, I know – what am I doing now, you ask? Well – after a brief stint of youth in the well-known town of Rexburg, ID, I am now ready to leap into the world that lies beyond: travel to far away places, live in the big city, start a non-profit, change the world. You know. Carpe Diem. All those things your supposed to do after you become of age (which for me hasn’t happened until the fantastic old age of 23). Instead my fate rests with sitting in a room upstairs in the wilk (Earnest L. Wilkinson Student Center for those of you out of touch with the Y lingo (which I am proficient at)), rummaging through a candy basket, tracking packages that have yet to leave Hodgkins, Illinois, writing my own recommendation letters, periodically checking gmail, facebook, job applications, the weather and now currently creating a blog for all of you to read about all of me. This is where a Bachelor’s of Arts degree has taken me– not to London or Rio or Toyko or NYC but instead a little known town in the west where I have spent the last 5 formative years of my life: Provo, Utah. The best thing about it is that although it was the number one undesirable place to stop post-graduation, I am perfectly content working at One Stop Student Services, occasionally handing out a locker (where would you like it? how many semesters? that’ll be five dollars – sorry – only cash, check, or signature card) and chatting about life’s little pleasures with my new found BFF – Hillary Van Akin (who, incidently, has convinced me to set up this blog – thank you Hillary). Life can’t get better than this. The Tree House is my new home. Lexie, Jenna, Becca, and Cami are my new roommates. King size is my new bed. This is my life… am I who I want to be? I think that was how Switchfoot put it. And yes. I am. And as much as I would like to apparate any where else in the world right this moment (particularly my bed on McGee River Circle: reading Harry Potter and anxiously preparing for the BYU/UCLA football game with the fam), I am embracing my liberty one locker at a time.

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