a new life.

Life is much better when you have people around you willing to indulge with you. That’s one thing I’ve learned since moving back to Provo with no job and pretty much no life. I’ve got endless amounts of time, a wide screen TV, and smart cookie and café rio just around the corner. Now, if I had the fabulous roommates that I had last year, you can bet we would have frequented RedBox for the latest movies and made regular runs for a cookie sandwich. But in this new state of life, I am all alone in my desires to indulge. Most of those around me are constantly studying, exercising, working, or doing other “productive” activities. While these things are good and wonderful, and going to bed at 10: and waking up at 6: is exhilarating — there has got to be a balance. Man alive. I used to be so responsible.

Oh the regret!!! If only I had studied less and indulged more. Honestly— Reading. Projects. Papers. Sleep. Way overrated. And to think…. those used to be my priorities!? Wow. I have been given a large dose of perspective in the past month. Life is meant to be lived! People are my new priorities. From this moment forward I’m going to be less responsible. Yup. You heard me. I, Lindsay Lorraine Johnson, am going to embrace the good life that so many of my friends enjoy and I have known so little of. I am going to sleep a little later, go on more bike rides, have dance parties with anyone and everyone. I’m not going to think twice about any requests for fun. Those days are gone. This is the new and improved Lindsay. I call upon any within the sound of my blog to hearken unto the indulgent voice within you. And come join me! The indulgence begins at 9:00 tonight at 736 Sunrise Avenue….

** Thank you to Elizabeth Hansen and Catherine Curtis for the inspiraion for this blog entry.

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