you are the music in me

Something has taken over my soul. I’m not sure what it is. All of a sudden I can’t stop the beat. I have found recently that I can only truly, completely, and honestly express myself through song. Why is that?

Well, I’ve come to a conclusion – this can be one of four things: a.) I’ve been watching too much High School Musical b.) I’ve been spending too much time with Catherine Curtis* c.) the lack of non-radio music in my car has become an obsession or d.) I have become completely incapable of expressing myself through vernacular language. Why can’t I be in my room anymore for more than 5 minutes with out turning on the music?

This is a most perplexing question and I think it just comes down to this simple fact: good music is of God. I’m serious. Music can be so totally enlightening and soul awakening. I never have and never will be able to understand it’s power and influence. It fathoms me how a few words can take on such a powerful meaning when accompanied by a few simple notes. I crave the experience of hearing a new song and thinking “yes! that’s how i feel!!” and then wanting to share the song with every single person I know. “Do not the most moving moments of our lives find us all without words?” Perhaps. But definitely not without song.

To the left you will find a pic of yours truly during one of these soul moving moments. Sometimes it just takes over your whole body. I know – I look great. But… it demonstrates the power that music has become in my life. Don’t I look completely absorbed in the song? Well I was. It was a fabulous moment that (thank goodness) has been repeated many times since.

*this is quite improbable and ultimately quite revolting to think about.

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