just one – out of many

Abraham was once taken on a tour of the stars– he was shown a bigger plan then his great and noble spirit could even comprehend (see Genesis 15:5). I got one of those tours today. Well– maybe it was a mini-tour but nonetheless it was one such tour where someone much greater than I brought me to my knees in gratitude and in some kind of way said to me “look at those stars? don’t I have a plan for them? you know i do. a great plan. a plan much, much bigger than you – but you fit into it. trust me. I’ll lead you.” wow. what a feeling! He knows the plan, the strategy, the outcome. He knows us: our weaknesses, our strengths. Just trust in Him. Then increase our diligence and faith.

I wish I had moments like this everyday where every major and minor concern in my life vanished in insignificance. But then- these moments probably wouldn’t be… these moments.

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