a working girl…

I have a job. And two weeks into it – I’m not completely bored out of my mind like I thought I would be without being immersed in textbooks and lectures. (It helps that I work 5 minutes from many of my old classrooms.) There is actually some sort of satisfaction belonging to an office, working only between 8: and 5:, and actually earning money. Surprising, I know. But even more surprising to me is finding out that people everywhere do this – their WHOLE lives… going through the work rituals: meetings, conferences, workshops, retreats, meetings. meetings. meetings. Wow. What an existence… But I like it. I really do. It’s a new thing, a new challenge, a new opportunity…

But I’m already looking at graduate school.

p.s. wondering where I work? See http://ce.byu.edu/yp/faculty/index.cfm

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