what more can a girl want?

This weekend with the fam was pretty fabulous. Not only did we get to go to disneyland and the beach but we got to spend time with the whole family AND watch General Conference –
Could a weekend get any better?

Afty, Linds and Jare jumping outside of California Adventure. It took a few times – but finally I got a good jump. Hooray!

Parker, Ellie and Bryant have grown so much! It was so fun to play with them – Especially Bryant. What a kid! He loves giving big hugs and he loooves his stomach. He has got great red hair, has the cutest smile and birth mark on his forehead and loves to eat all day long. Needless to say – becky didn’t see much of her son this weekend – he was too busy hanging with his Aunts!

We went to disneyland with everyone minus boyd and troy. Troy had to work all day but we got to spend a little time with him and Kisha in the next few days.

My friend Mark got Afton, Jylare and I into disneyland (yea Mark!) and gave us the backstage tour for a few hours – it was awesome! I learned so much about Disneyland I never knew. A few highlights: 3 girls going on splash mountain with mom and dad – just hangin’ at disneyland with our parents! Convincing ellie to go on Splash Mountain, telling her we won’t get wet but we all come out completely drenched. Talking, eating chili in a bread bowl, and watching fireworks. Holding hands with the kids, swinging them down main street. Taking pictures in this quaint little corner in New Orleans Square.

Other trip highlights would be beating parker in checkers (yes!), painting and talking about our lives at grandma’s house, stocking up at traderjoe’s, lying at the beach with all our clothes on (it was sooo windy), watching the solemn assembly at damon’s house, making jewelry with the girls, and just being together. Oh – and the weekend just got better because my new niece was born on April 9th – Leah Rebecca Johnson. Too bad she wasn’t born at Disneyland!

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