my life in utah

i have lived in utah for almost 6 years. yikes. it’s a little crazy to type those words knowing that i have at least 2 if not 3 more years to go…. wow.

but i’m not your average Californian living in Provo. I do love the beach and freeways and major league games but i’m finally discovering that there are more places to go than the malt shoppe or dollar theater and more things to do than watch movies and play games.*

You just got to look for them. Therefore I have compiled a long list of things I want to do and places I want to go in Utah in the next few months. I don’t feel compelled to finish them all but I do hope to check a majority of them off my list.

The goals of this list are 3-fold:
1. Instead of talking about all the continents and countries and states I want to explore but can’t, I decided I’m going to focus my energy on things I can do – like exploring utah. I do not intend to leave the state of utah causing anyone to say “you lived there for how long and you never did (insert amazing activity here)!?”
2. Make the most of a summer where I am only working 8: – 5:00 and am not in school.
3. Be active, outside, and with friends.

Here it goes. Pay attention because I’m going to ask all you Utahn’s (and transplants) for your advice about things I’ve left of this list.

Half Marathon
Outdoor movies
drive-in theatre
Real Salt Lake
Salt Lake Bees/Orem Owls
Kayaking/Tubing down a river
Alpine Loop
Rock Climbing
Biking/Running to Utah Lake
Hike Squaw peak
Hike Y Mountain
Hike Timp
Hike Mt. Olympus
Hike Ensign Peak
Hike Living Room
Hike Beacon
Hike etc. etc.
Night Hikes
Timpanogos caves
Ski lift/bike trails
Kennecott Copper Mine
Picnics in the canyon (any canyon)
Bike rides, bike rides.
Outdoor concerts
Bonfires (tin foil dinners, etc)
Hot pots
tennis matches
racquetball games
ice blocking
kite flying
gallery stroll (slc, provo)
farmers market
Smith & Edwards / Maddox
springville art museum
Art City Days
Strawberry Festival
Freedom Festival
Lavender Days
Swiss Days
Peach Days
Utah State Fair
Latino festival
Spring City historic home tour
Manti Pageant
Castle Valley Pageant
Shakespeare Festival
Zions (angel’s landing)
Goblin Valley
Bryce Canyon

That’s all. Let me know if I should add any thing to this list. and definitely let me know if you want to do any or all of the above things with me. love to you all.

*this is a tribute to both my pops and my dear friend katie may – both of which who detest board/card games. I’m not saying that I would always side with them as I definitely love a good game of settler’s, boggle, or scum but I do think that an excess of these games can do you some harm. However, I firmly believe that an excess of “efy” type games can be reached pretty quickly. There are only so many times I can do the human knot or play ‘do you love your neighbor’. Yes. I know. I work for EFY. So sue me.

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