confession: a great weakness

I like to do it all. or nothing at all. (name the song… anyone?) It’s quite a problem when it comes to … well, anything. Blog posts, emails, homework, parties, scripture study, cards of appreciation, etc. I have so many good intentions and yet nothing ever gets done because I can’t do everything. Anyone else have that problem?

It’s also a struggle with interests. For example, I would like to get better at swimming, biking, raquetball, tennis, rock climbing, pilates, running, playing the piano, memorizing poems/scripture, country dancing, singing, reading, speaking spanish, journal writing, hiking, guitar playing… and the list goes on. Clearly I can’t work on all of those things at once. Any normal person would choose one and work at it for a year or two and then begin to excel. Not me. Nope. I’d rather be sub-par to mediocre in everything I do. I may work on one of the above mentioned things every 4 weeks or so – but that’s about it.

Same thing with work and school. I never stick with one thing long enough to really dig down deep – I change wards at least once a year (in the last 6 months I had 3 different bishops), I can’t stay in the same job for longer than 10 months, and I drive my mother crazy with all of my changing ideas about future plans abroad.

It’s a real struggle.

So – it’s no wonder that I’m the same way when it comes to a blog. So today, as you read this, you witness me breaking out of my old ways. I posting a blog about my most recent adventures before I’ve written about previous ones. Wow. I’m really going out on a limb here. Enjoy it while it lasts. 

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