{ the exercise ball }

I have a light blue exercise ball in my room, right next to a wooden coat rack, below my favorite wall hanging – a world map. Some would think I actually use this ball to exercise – if only that was the truth! This ball (which was given to my by my father for Christmas) has only 2 functional uses at the moment.

The first is around 7 or 8 in the morning. I usually am sitting at my desk contemplating the day ahead (e.g. doing last minute work) and my roommate Catherine comes in to sit (and bounce) on this light blue throne as we discuss the events of the previous day and the plans for the one at hand. With me in my swivel chair (which I {confession} selfishly stole from Cath’s room before she moved in…) and Cath, in her red and green striped pajamas, bouncing on my ball — it is in these moments that we discover great truths about our lives.

The second use of the ball comes about 16 or 17 hours later when; again, I am at my desk studying (how boring am I?) and my roommate Jana comes in to discuss her most recent date or law school experiences. Now, it is I in my pajamas (light blue polka dots with a 2006 Rex Lee Run shirt) and her looking classy/happy/earthy/lovely (those who know her, know there is no one word to describe Jana Barker.) She bounces as she speaks – so pure and genuine, almost falls over – and seems to discover something new with each bounce.

I have the world’s best roommates. Every conversation brings new meaning and gratitude into my life about the great friends I am privileged to know. During these early morning or late nights in my room, I often wonder – is it possible for them to know how much I depend on their daily bounces – how much I crave their presence? To this great conversation, what have I to contribute? What have I to offer to this great friendship?

For now, all I have is a light blue exercise ball.

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