2008 {a year in review}

so here is a brief synopsis of the year 2008. it was fabulous. i hope i can top it in 2009. 
The year began with a great guy, fabulous roommates, and a wonderful job. I can’t say enough good things about Jenna, Cami, Cammie, Lexie, Becca, Daniel, Jenna, DeeAura – all made a huge impact on this year and I feel lucky to call each a true friend. 
Highlights of the year include multiple trips to CA (disneyland, the beach, las vegas, zions, you name it!), summer fun living at Alta with fabulous girls, biking all over provo, my first sprint triathlon, the wedding of a best friend, coming home of my brother Boyd, the beginning of a new masters program, a deepening love of racquetball, the reuniting of old roommates for round 2 in p-town, and a trip to new york and washington d.c. 
The year ends with 3 great friends as roommates (Jana, Cath, and Eve) and life again as a student at BYU (i loove what i’m studying). But the three most memorable and life changing events of the year happened right in the middle:
1) going through the temple for the first time
2) attending the wedding of Troy and Kisha
3) attending the wedding of Jylare and Murphy
These were the best times – being with the family. And luckily we had multiple times to be together because of these weddings. We topped it off with everyone home for Thanksgiving and Christmas… I’d say it was a successful year. 
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