a classic.

5-year-old Jordan: “Look that’s a Robin Redbreast!”
25-year-old Lindsay: “A what?”

Jordan: “A bird! A Robin Redbreast!”
Lindsay: “Wow, Jordan. How did you know that? Did your daddy teach you?”

Jordan: “I read it in a book.”
Lindsay: “What else do you know?”

Jordan: “I know what a blue jay is. Oh, and I know about mammoths.”
Lindsay: “Wow. I don’t even know anything about mammoths. What a smart boy.”

Jordan: “Yeah, I know about bears too. And tigers.”
Lindsay: “Jordan, what do you know about a little girls?”

Jordan (dejectedly): “I don’t know anything about little girls.”
Lindsay: “You probably never will…”

Jordan (cuts in): “Do you want to know what I know about mammoths and mastodons?”

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