What do these 3 things have in common?

International Cinema
Sacrament Meeting
Economics 110
give up? They all take place in one room: 250 SWKT. One of the unique things about BYU is that class rooms are used for sunday meetings. As a result some have sacrament meeting in the testing center, math lab, ballroom, concert hall. With the many wards I’ve been in at BYU, I’ve been privileged to have church meetings in the SWKT, MARB, WSC, TMCB, CONF, TNRB, HFAC, and JKHB (not to be confused with the JKB – two very different buildings). 
Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I’ll leave the second topic for another day and I probably will never discuss the third in this blog but leave that to my dear friends at the NY times. The first topic however is one of great interest lately. 
I’ve awakened my love of international cinema. The home of this delightful program used to be the varsity theatre but has moved to 250 of the SWKT. This program (which is, by the way, free and open to the public) is one of the blessings of going for a second degree in this lovely town. These are some of the thought provoking favorites. Highly recommend by me. I’m just going to say that Miss Potter will probably replace P&P in my books as the classic girl comfort movie; the Painted Veil is just, well – phenomenal (although Bentley might disagree); and the Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a fascinating french film that is quite hilarious at times. I plan to go quite often this semester so I’ll keep you updated, dear blog, of the current fav’s. 

On another note: I’m looking for an internship in D.C. this summer. If any one has any contacts I’d love to hear about them. 
Also – I’m going to Ghana after the semester ends. I’ll be there for two weeks with 15 other people in the MPA program. Just thought I’d announce that to the world. 
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