I’ve been accused of a personality trait that is so integrally apart of who I am…

I like to be efficient. So sue me. 

I read HR Law chapters while on the elliptical machine. I generally only call people back while walking to and from school. I take notes, eat dinner, and engage in meaningful gchats during my compensation and benefits class. Meetings drive me nuts if I don’t have my notebook with me to plan my life or write in my journal. I like to take a shower the night before so my hair dries while I sleep. I sleep and watch movies at the same time. (You’re jealous, I know.) Here is a typical routine:
1. Put laundry in the washer.
2. Take the trash down stairs on my way to go running. 
3. Exercise while running to the TNRB to drop off an assignment. 
4. Run home, put laundry in dryer. 
5. Put pizza in oven.
6. Take shower and get dressed (while listening to a conf. talk)
7. Eat pizza.
8. Put laundry away. 
I know. I’m out of control. 
Impressed? Don’t be. I am completely aware that I need to work on this abnormal obsessive compulsive tendency. Any advice on how to relax a little would be much appreciated. 
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