Lindsay = Harry?

For all you Harry Potter fans out there…. I’ve been officially named as Harry. Jarilyn, Raymon, and I have formed somewhat of a threesome in the Tanner building and our friend Andrew Marshall decided which characters we most relate to in Harry Potter. Raymon is named Hermione and Jarilyn as Ron. Andrew has also been naming Patronuses (Patroni?) to his closest friends. He hasn’t come up with one for me yet.

But back to the subject at hand. Are you wondering why I’m Harry? I’ll let Raymon’s blog do the talking. And all the reasons are laid out here. I would welcome any discussion on why you agree or disagree with the personality comparison. And it might only make sense to you if you know Jar and Ray. I don’t know why the recent obsession with HP but one thing I do know is that all three of us are heading to Platform 9 and 3/4 on April 23rd on our way to Accra…
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