There have been so many recent thoughts/ideas/events that I’ve wanted to discuss here on this old blog but haven’t had the chance. Here is the abbreviated (but somehow still long) version of the current state of my life:
Favorite Recent Pics:
(this is definitely not all inclusive and is missing large chunks of my life that were not captured on film)

Tree House roommate reunion and dear friend Eric Cragun + Roommate happiness after Stk. Conf. 

Jaylene, DeeAura, and I at SD training + roommate happiness with Steph (our long lost married friend)
After Boyd’s Concert with Parents in town + best friend and fav cousin Melaine at Spence’s b-day party
i like how russ is so happy here + the cousins at devotional
Current interests and Academic Pursuits:
Corporate Social Responsibility (yeah net impact)
Social Entrepreneurship (todd manwaring and jason fairbourne)
Ethics (can’t wait for class brad agle)
International Development (thank you ghana class)
Financial Planning (thanks paul jackson)
Current Thoughts and Insights:
Why Marriage is Necessary for Growth (thank you mom and russ)
Priorities in our lives (a never ending struggle)
The importance of mentors and role models (mortensens, littles, laings, hintons, dixons, etc.)
The Importance of Attitude 
Why Families are Central to God’s Plan (my family helps me be better)
Respect in Education 
The Danger of Screens (thanks jim stice)
Current Motto:
School is my last priority (i tell myself this every day)
Right Here, Right Now (a combo of hsm and peter b.)
Feeling better about:
Racquetball skills (thanks to annie who began the obsession)
Relationships with Family (i have the best siblings, hands down)
Balancing my life
The Changing Utah Weather (i can’t help my delight when it rains outside)
Wanting to Improve:
Relationship with God (enough said)
Journal Entries (helps me remember how the lord is guiding me)
Exercise habits (where does the day go?)
How I Communicate (yup. got to work on this.)
Feeling blessed because of:
Friends in the MPA program (can’t say enough good things)
Family I take for granted
I have so many opportunities ahead
The Church I believe In
Current Favorite things:
google forms
new scriptures
my bed
Current Life Plan:
In 10 days I will…
Leave for LA, then London, then Ghana, then LA
Then head to D.C. where I will do an Internship for the Summer
Then head to Nauvoo to be an EFY Counselor for a week in August
Then come back to provo and finish a graduate degree by April. 
I know. I’m out of control. If you’d like to know more about any of the above subjects, please feel free to ask. oh and one more category. 
Recent Favorite Movie:
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