I often go walking…

i’m currently in ghana and as i walk I am filled with thoughts about my mother. this is why:

I see women every where carrying children on their back as well as containers on their heads. It is amazing to see them multitask in such a way. Caring for their family is their number one priority and it shows. My mom has always worked so hard to support her family in every aspect – she has never stopped once, just like these courageous Ghanaian women.

We met some Ghanaian saints who wear the traditional clothes to church (head wrap, dress, or matching skirt and top) but have fabric made out of the prophets. Yes the latter day prophets. Awesome. My mom is always wearing her religion – the only thing above her family is the Lord and she shows it.

Bernice is a woman who offered to tailor make us such dresses and skirts but wanted us to pay 10 or 15 cedis ($8-10) for just a skirt. I said to myself ‘why would i pay bernice when my mom can do it for free, in less than an hour?’ My mom can do anything.

Speaking of skirts, before we left my mom hemmed a skirt for me and put a pocket it in. Not just any pocket but a pocket that actually fit 5 cameras. True story! We tried it out. I don’t know many moms who can or will make such a pocket.

Finally, I’m reminded of my mom when we met with Do Kaku, wife of Stake President Kaku of the Cape Coast stake. She willingly invited 9 of us into her home, fed us a wonderful dinner, and entertained us all with questions and stories. Her children helped out around the house and were so well behaved. I loved being there in their humble home. You could tell they were faithful, had a great family, and a great marriage. I love that she reminded me of my mom.

I love this country and will update you all on my many exciting adventures. But today I’m thinking of you mom. Loves.

*** Pics include one of the many dear children we get to meet, me learning how to carry a child on my back, and a few of us with the Kaku’s.

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