A tribute: Seth Melling

So, I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile but… well sometimes blogging just exhausts me. I think it’s one of those bad habits that you can’t seem to get rid of – you are addicted and just when you say you’re done, you think of something you want to post about. Why can’t I just be satisfied with my journal these days? There is just something about having an audience – no matter how small – that makes writing fun and worthwhile. 
Okay so I’m hoping this will be the first of many in a series I like to call “people who rock my world”. I might think of a new name later but for now – deal with it. 
Person #1: Seth Melling
Seth rocks my world for multiple reasons. First, he surprised me. I thought I know who he was and then… I really became friends with him. (Lesson #1 in why it is important to get to know people at a deeper level.)
Seth is such a people person – he loves involving people and talking with people. Sometimes I hate being social but I don’t think that has ever happened to Seth. He once took the initiative to find out what people are grateful for and then have the group guess who said what. Everyone loved it!
Seth is also a conversationalist. He asks some good questions and his answers are very methodical. After one conversation with him – you might be a little lost but after the second you’ll come to love his way of thinking. He is analytical and explains himself in a very articulate way. 
Seth is amazing with kids and so much fun. In Ghana he was ALWAYS in the middle of a large group of children. He did magic tricks, sang songs, and entertained them in a way none of the rest of us dared. It was awesome to watch. I think he should teach 3rd grade or run a day care. Or maybe just be a father. 
Seth has a great smile. Don’t you think? I never saw him smile more than I did in Ghana. 

The above pictures are Seth and I when we matched one day in the tanner building. Aren’t we a cute couple? (Don’t get any ideas though… I want him to marry a girl I will post about in a future tribute.) The second pic is in Ghana with kids surrounding him. 
Any one else want to say why Seth rocks their world?

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