Happy 90th Birthday Nana!!

If anyone knows my Nana – they know that she’s not your ordinary grandma. She’s turning 90 this week and they had a huge celebration in California for her today. Since I wasn’t able to make it – I would like to list a few reasons why my Nana is the coolest person I know:
#1 She loves garage sales/ikea/swapmeets
#2 She beats Jare and I at cards every time we play. Rummy, Hand and Foot… you name the game, she’ll beat you.
#3 She makes the best poached eggs. Hands down. 
#4 She’s never collected on all the i-owe-you’s I promised when I was 7. I probably owe her a couple hundred dollars. 
#5 She has never once ‘turned me over her checkered apron’ — even though she threatens often.
#6 She has been taking emergency shelter and foster children for the past 24 years. Do you know of any 90 year-old woman who can take care of 3 kids under the age of 4? 
I hope I can be as cool of a grandma when I grow up. 
Happy Birthday Nana! I love you!

2 thoughts on “Happy 90th Birthday Nana!!”

    (Love #5 and #6)

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