Everyone should have an art friend.

Melanie Dame (now Iverson) and I met over the study of greek and roman mythology. Professor Duckwitz, was it? I don’t know if it was daphne or zeus that sealed the deal – all I remember is talking after class in the classroom of the LRC and realizing we were both humanities majors. Melanie and I studied together through 3 or 4 different classes. We visited planetariums and asian restaurants – even became training partners for our first triathlon. I think it was Asian Humanities when Melanie met Paul. They got married and we still spent time together. We rode bikes in Spanish Fork, went Swimming in the Springville Pool and went running around the RB. Needless to say – I love this girl. We have had many a great conversation about gospel subjects, art, philosophy, dating, families, you name it. I loved hearing about Melanie’s mission stories (she served in Chile) and especially loved our discussion about the temple when I was trying to decide to go. Melanie is a great swimmer, loves to rock climb, and recorded her own CD once. Melanie is a mom now, living in Texas. She has one little girl – Hattie – and another on the way. I just found out about a few complications with the delivery, but of course, nothing phases Melanie — she seems perfectly confident everything will turn out fine. We all need a little more Melanie in our life.
Here are a few of my favorite Melanie qualities:
Great attitude, proactive, logical, consistent, thoughtful, active, motivated, methodical, fun, easy to please, great laugh, stimulating conversation, considerate, passionate, happy, and above all– kind.
love this girl.

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