a little nostalgia for work

The interesting thing about blogging is trying to follow thought patterns. Why do I post what I post? My thoughts and feelings are all over the place as you can probably tell by the montage of posts in the last week. I feel like blogging is beneficial just to assemble your thoughts in text and expose them to the world– even a virtual world. So here are some more thoughts and feelings.

Today was my last day as an intern at USAID. As probably expected… I’m feeling a little nostalgic. What is unexpected is that I feel nostalgic about a job I quit a year ago.

You see – this job was not just any job. I was assigned to work with 300 of the best people in the teaching profession. I had the world’s greatest boss who cared about what he did and cared about his employees. I had some FABULOUS co-workers who made me laugh like no one did this summer. I was able to learn from these people day after day for over a year.

Now you can see why I’m feeling a little nostalgic? Okay… maybe you’ll never know how I really feel but I wish I could explain to you what it is like to have supervisor whose priority is his wife and five (yes 5) boys, who is steady and consistent, who is patient and considerate, and kind, who everyone loves because of his quick humor and easy going attitude, and who has become a mentor and example to me as I attempt to begin a career and a family. Few people are as genuine and admirable as J.D. Hucks.

Everyday I learn (and re-learn) that the great people I know are more important to me than anything else in my life.
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