my favorite web tool: evernote

I decided I’m going to start posting informative instructional posts about things that I like and enjoy. Currently that will include many things web-related. So here goes on the first one…

Evernote is an archival, web-based program that meets all my note-taking needs. I downloaded it a year ago and was convinced of it’s validity once I found out Aaron Miller used it (he is the source of all Mac wisdom and also a personal idol). I use it mainly to write in my journal, take notes for school, and clip articles/recipes/ideas from the web. On the Evernote blog, there are many other ideas of how to use Evernote. Somethings I’ve been impressed with is using evernote to plan a wedding, buy a house/car, file recipes, categorize business cards, organize your job search, etc.

Best features
Webclipping. Anytime I see an article/picture/recipe/blog that I want to look at again, I just click my evernote button and it automatically adds it to my evernote library with the source url.
Searchability. I love searching a whole database of notes with a single stroke (my journal, school notes, articles, etc)
Email/text yourself notes. Evernote generates an email address that feeds into your Evernote account.
Online accessibility and backup. All my notes are online and on my laptop. I can access them wherever I am.
These are just a few of my favorite features, but you can also tag your notes, share notebooks, add documents and files to your notes, take pictures of documents you want to save, etc. Such possibility!
Do you know of any other awesome note-taking software?

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