What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?

my relationships with others are the most important part of my life.

i’d like to comment on the essential need and desire to have good friends in our lives. Not just good friends, but friends who listen, who care, who lift us and push us to greater heights. Friends who know when to let you cry, know how to make you laugh, and who know when to just sit and and let you think for awhile. Basically just friends who love and show that love.

I have such a friend. In fact, I have many of these friends. But the one whom I spend the most time with recently has been my dear roommate Catherine. Any who know this friend of mine will quickly agree how fun and witty and intelligent catherine is. While she is most certainly ALL these things (and many more), I’d like to point out some lesser known attributes of catherine. Here are five inherent qualities and reasons why I’m so grateful this gal has become one of my very closest friends:

#1: genuine
cath does not guard or second guess what she thinks or feels. her actions and words are genuine displays of her feelings.

#2: dedication and devotion
i don’t know many people that feel such a deep commitment and devotion to her beliefs and values. this is the mark of a true friend.

#3: real companionship
catherine spends her time developing real friendships. ANY situation is much more entertaining and meaningful if catherine is with me. as we’ve become better friends, it’s been a beautiful thing to watch how sensitive she is to my feelings, my needs, and my desires. everyday she, unknowingly, pushes me to become a better person.

#4: spontaneous desires and actions
as a dedicated (and obsessive) planner, i’ve grown to love her uninhibited and impromptu desires and ideas. cath is fun. so much fun.

#5: love of beautiful things
catherine is attracted to beauty of all kinds and is constantly inspiring me to immerse myself in nature, music, and great literature. by constantly immersing herself in what she is drawn to, she encourages others to “seek after these things”.

my new quest is to be this type of friend in every relationship throughout my life.

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