My Words Exactly

Thank you, Mr. Stanley, for explaining perfectly my west coast home and simultaneously describing how I feel in every new east coast place i visit. "Many a Saturday during that year of our residence, my wife and I would load our car and take to the freeways, whose sprawling network placed a few hundred cities,… Continue reading My Words Exactly


a thrill like music

“Isn’t it funny the way some combinations of words can give you—almost apart from their meaning—a thrill like music?" - C.S. Lewis Went to my favorite place with the padres today: The Library of Congress. These quotes never get old. I looooove reading them amidst the phenomenal artwork and stately architecture. I hold great esteem… Continue reading a thrill like music

being happy.

Just some very true words of advice from my newest banking institution. (another reason to love Ing Direct!) Incidently, President Monson also has a few words to say on this subject in a short video with the exact same title. Although my trust is deeper in the latter, my testimony has increased in each! Enjoy… Continue reading being happy.