Three Ideas to Make Your Scripture Study Come Alive

Do you struggle with studying the scriptures? Here are three ways I’ve found to make scripture study more vibrant and accessible to me. Focus on One Scripture or One Word When I find one scripture I like, something that resonates with me, I love to dig in and spend time on just that one verse.… Continue reading Three Ideas to Make Your Scripture Study Come Alive

What I Believe About Health

It's that time of year where people set new years resolutions, often about dieting and the like. I'm going to take the opportunity to share what I believe about health: I believe that diets are ineffective and potentially emotionally destructive. I believe that if you focus on healthy habits, weight loss will likely follow. Reject the diet… Continue reading What I Believe About Health

New Rules of Dating: What I’ve Learned

  I've been dating for 18+ years. And occasionally it still drives me insane. During one of those moments of insanity, I sat down and channeled my frustration into a set of dating rules. Warning: These are my own rules - born of trial and error and years of experience. I take full responsibility for… Continue reading New Rules of Dating: What I’ve Learned

5 Ideas for Showing Love to Single Adults

It can be hard to interact with people who live different lives than we do. As a single adult in a church that cares deeply about the marriage and family, I know many single adults who feel like their married friends, family, and church leaders are critical of their lives, hyper-focused on their single status,… Continue reading 5 Ideas for Showing Love to Single Adults

Take back your power to choose

It all started with this NYT Op-Doc. Then I taught this lesson at church. Then I was faced with some big decisions in my life and ultimately decided to quit my job and take a four-week sabbatical. What I do next is up in the air so you can imagine that I’ve been thinking a… Continue reading Take back your power to choose

What will be your legacy?

I've been into Lincoln lately. What a man! Turns out I'm late to the bandwagon because there are more than 16,000 books written about our 16th president. In my study, I've noticed people often discuss Lincoln in terms of his results (ending the civil war, the Emancipation Proclamation, 13th amendment, etc.) or his character (integrity, ambition, and humor,… Continue reading What will be your legacy?